RogueOps deploy high tech specialists into the killing fields of international intrigue. Military sniper teams and assassins airlift across the globe on Hawke’s Gulfstream jets, Sikorsky helicopters and PBY amphibians. Intercept teams set sail on his 214-foot weaponized, tactical sailing yachts.
//Target: Enemy blood.

About CW Nelson

CW Nelson worked material and Intel logistics for several federal agencies and did a stint with U.S. Navy Reserves. He was successful in large ranching operations and AG land development. He lives with his lovely wife Vicki in Sun Valley, Idaho. Snow capped Sawtooth Mountains & pristine river valleys are home where he writes about what he loves most. //The Land of the Free - Because of the Brave!

Heavy fog broke over a Pacific coast ridge line. Blackhawk gunships flew out of the approaching wall at two hundred miles per hour. Sunlight flashed off windshields. The flight of military helicopters and hard thud of rotor blades sent a threatening message across San Francisco Bay.

Something was wrong.

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American Bolshevik Revolution

—by CW Nelson —RogueOps Novels —   Russian KGB defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov chillingly foretold the state of 2020 America 37 years ago Senator Joseph McCarthy 25 years prior to Bezmenov, exposed over a hundred active Communist Party members embedded in U.S. Government and Congress in the late 1950s. Marxist MSM media systematically hounded McCarthy…