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Military wolves raised CW Nelson

The ‘Old Man’ flew Recon missions and
frontline paratroopers during WWII and Korea.

B-47 StratoJet nuclear bombers and NRO B-47s
on Soviet espionage missions during the Cold War.

  • Cold War Intel advisor for CIA
  • Director Vietnam MACV Aerial Recon
  • 'Q' Level DoE / DoD Security Clearance
  • USAF Liaison, Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Liaison, MACV US Army Chief of Staff
  • Director, undisclosed USAF NASA projects
  • Colonel Nelson retired from the Pentagon


RogueOps Novels CW Nelson Author


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CW Nelson worked material and Intel logistics-

  • Criminal investigation support for Federal,
    State and Local Law Enforcement
  • Sheriff Dept. Homicide Detectives
    Sheriff Dept. Narcotics investigations
  • Western States FBI Regional Director
  • Director DHS-Services
    Counter Terror Group
  • Military personnel. US Army
    & Marine Corp. Snipers
  • Security & Intelligence Agency
    Field Agents

Military SIGINT plays a large role in RogueOps
—Identities private


CW did a stint with the U.S. Navy & Navy Reserves.
He engaged in large family ranching operations.
Agriculture land development.
A successful builder, developer.


CW lives with his lovely wife Vicki, in Idaho.
Home is Snow capped Sawtooth Mountains.
Pristine river valleys. Sparkling lakes.
Where he writes about what he loves most.


—The Land of the Free
—Because of the Brave


Special Thanks to
Our U.S. Military
First Responders
Firefighters, EMS
Federal, State & Local law Enforcement
And their dedicated families

Apologies to those that find fictional
characters or scenes far-fetched.



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